About Us

Company profile:

Shenzhen Deaoke Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional GPS tracker factory which has 11 years experience in GPS industry.It is an R & D, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises, the parent company of Deao International Group (HK) Limited was founded in 2006. Shenzhen Deaoke Electronics Co.,Ltd pay more attention to the introduction of talent and technology, Persist in winning by technology, own GPS industry independent research and product development TOP team.Our company is mainly committed to GPS vehicles, personnel, goods, pet GPS ,global positioning products, is a professional GPS locator and GPS platform company.

Over 11 years Shenzhen Deaoke Electronics Co. Ltd has been adhering to the fine artisan spirit, Process design imaginative pursuit of excellence in product development and perfect, Everything is based on product quality, all with excellent product quality as the premise, Adhere to the belief that technology is the leading core. With the core technology competitiveness, Dedicated to the GPS industry to provide complete GPS positioning, application technology solutions, such as product development, production and sales.We are GPS locator source solutions provider, industry technology research and development as one of the leading ten outstanding brands

Deaoke Culture:

Adhere to Virtue as the center, take the technology as the core, take the customer experience as the core, with artisan spirit, pursuit excellence as faith, our company slogan: the same product, the more preferential prices; the same price, our quality is better. DO GPS industry the highest cost-effective conscience brand.Better quality and better prices, feedback customers, quality and cheap quality feedback Society

Analysis of GPS demand:

For vehicle lease management confusion;Use the government cars for private purposes;Long distance customer drivers reported oil charges indiscriminately; Company employees lazy, lied about work;the taxi network about a car accident, the child abducted, valuables, the company developed a new real-time tracking, positioning, anti-theft, fuel consumption monitoring, In case of emergency, the equipment will alarmed in time. Supervise employees effectively and improve work efficiency. Reduce social crime and reduce unnecessary losses

The third world countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are in a chaotic state of public security. The demand is greater, and more GPS positioning is needed to guard against theft and security

Product advantage:

The product has a number of technology patents, design patents, utility model patents, access to a number of authoritative product certification CE certification, ROHS certification, the company has two domestic brands - deaoke and Company LOGO brands, has created the American brand dawit . Product patents, certification, brand, high-end shell technology design, high-end packaging, new research and development industry has not differentiated features increased. Expand sales team and promote network operation

At present the United States, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries have gradually deactivated 2G nets, our company took the lead in R & D 3G, GPS positioning, seize the initiative, with 3G, GPS, practical new technology, professional products is our flagship

Our OBD diagnostic GPS products, the industry has no OBD fault detection, measuring fuel consumption, measuring mileage, measuring engine data is the industry source of R & D program provider, industry leader

At present, the company's customer base throughout the world more than 200 countries.

Business model:

Internet plus business model, quality and cheap, the quality and quantity of faster and more efficient production capacity, advanced management and Internet faster to solve the aging problem, perfect service and customer service system, reduce the cost of operation and management, reduce labor costs. Reduce multiple marketing links and buy better and cheaper prices for customers. Within 48 hours of delivery, improve aging, Let customers receive GPS products,multi brand strategy, high,Middle,low-end products have production, Neutral products take the low-end route to attack the third world countries, the main cost reduction,

Private mold patent products, functional features differentiated, perfect shell technology design, high-end design, product OEM customized developed Europe and the United States



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